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Save Main Street

The Funded Project is a reality TV show on YouTube that follows the journey of business development and serial entrepreneur Rick M., and his staff as they work with small business owners to help them develop strategies to grow their business. Every dollar from merchandise sales is re-invested into small businesses to provide services they would otherwise not be able to afford.  Rick is one of the best videographers in Indiana, and educators in sales strategies.  He is also a contender in the international web developer awards for 2021. He also an investor and funding broker tied into a network of funding companies, and has helped businesses access millions in working capital across the country.  Rick and, his staff have saved thousands of jobs across the country and saved thousands of businesses from closing down. 

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Why did we go from a ".com" to a . ".org"

In late March 2021, The Funded Project started the process to become a 501C charity as we have found there are a lot of businesses that need help in a post-pandemic plan. From the merchandise sales of The Funded Project, we have been able to give away professional-grade commercials for small businesses to use for marketing. We have covered the costs of broker fees in funding situations. The Funded Project has also given away point of sale systems, credit card processing systems, websites, and much more to various businesses across the country. Our goal is to help businesses by providing education and the tools needed to compete with their competition in order to provide jobs.