The list of retailers and deals found in Anderson Trade and Barter on Facebook continues to grow, and Stein Mart and Radio Shack will have deals running this month. The late Thanksgiving deal was not expected for both the Hamilton county news network and the Madison county news network, but a welcomed Thanksgiving surprise for both stations as both have aggressive growth models designed by Metromedia Funding Solutions to serve the community for years to come.

We are taking action to clean up social media platforms.

The biggest complaint to anyone on social media is the number of fake accounts and fake leads that cost businesses millions per year. We built a platform that will help Facebook pages and groups identify these and exclude them; the tool we built also has monetization tools for organic growth for social media influencers, businesses, YouTube Channels, TicTok Channels, and brand ambassadors to build a dependable and effective local platform that has a lot of characteristics of a classified section with the search abilities of every search engine built inside of it. The full integration brings the power of each platform together on a centralized operating platform,

Five Years in the Making...

If you have worked with Metromedia, you have heard of this system; it is a client management system that is for small businesses to keep track of their clients in a pipeline-style chart that is easy to use and updates in real-time. This one is different because it offers an eCommerce platform with automated emails and cart recovery tools that small businesses can take advantage of and grow their businesses. The content sync and data scrubber tools run automatically and continuously update as the local's edition is based on communities geographically. The first version used contact forms to keep updates running and was launched in early 2018, where it served its purpose until the second edition rolled out in March 2020. Metroplex Two started the real-time updating software using a backend Hubspot server, but it lacked the automation tools to make your day more efficient. I had to build a better version as I have other businesses that are taking off, I found myself pulled in many directions. I built the third edition to create automation for every business inside the Metromedia Brand because I had to, but when I built the cross-platform tool using Wix, Eclipse, HubSpot, and Genie, I built a cross-platform that brings the best from these platforms and integrated it into the META server and have launched a marketplace, not just any kind, but an e-commerce platform that also operates the NFT marketplace and hosting. Combined with the back-linking abilities to local news channels like the Madison County News Network, we have seen every user increase traffic and even have a lead exchange tool for the users to swap, collaborate and grow while operating safely in a TSL 512-bit encrypted server.

Duel Pipelines Allow Users To Scale Locally and Nationally.

National Scaleability is tough for businesses that have targeted niche clients; the business funding space has proven that to be true in many aspects. When National users network with Locals users, they find alternative ways to spread the word without paying for ad words and ad placements on social media platforms. The data scrubber tool kicks the bots off the platform automatically.

Highlight Uses

By Industry

Contractors- Using Metroplex Locals allows them the ability to network with local social media influencers and pay them out for referrals driving more exposure and followers than they can do alone. You set your own criteria that works for your business,

Auto repair shops enjoy the client email marketing tools to bring clients in faster, and using Metromedia's consumer financing tools allows them to collect their money faster and move more vehicles in and out of bays,

Facebook Page and Group Administrators enjoy payouts from converted sales from their following with automatic payouts that can process daily to their bank accounts; they also enjoy the free moderators that keep your fans following and growing.

Retailers Enjoy the 360-view interface eCommerce platform, no website needed; we give you your own landing page, bring your design, and use Videostars Mockup Builder to have your product in front of buyers faster.

Easier to use than social media. Good for Startups - Good For Growth.

This platform is built for tech-challenged individuals; instead of you fighting with design tools, you can opt-in to have Metroplex Admins upload it and build it for you, giving you a link to your shop where you can share it anywhere!

Here is how we made it free:

There are no monthly fees, and every integration tool we have built into the platform has free settings; unlike when you sign up for one of the platforms individually and have to pay for them, the Metroplex build uses a combination of tools, so you get the premium tools absolutely free!

This is a network, so you set a referral payout for monetized leads; when someone sells your product or service, you pay them out. The Metroplex keeps track of everything, and you can see the activity in real-time; this allows you an army of local businesses and social media influencers to share your products or services with their following.

For eCommerce- you can come in with your products and sell, and Our system automates markup, so the commissions paid out to referral partners are handled for you.

An example, if a furniture store in a small town has lamps they can't sell locally priced at $40, but a neighboring city has the same lamps selling for $60.00 plus shipping and they cannot keep them in stock because they sell so fast, that store can sell your products at their prices, the additional $20 is called markup, the Metroplex platform splits that with the party that was tracked to making the sale.

Metroplex Locals users can jump on the platform and grab your link and share it with their social media following, and they are motivated to do so because they make money for doing it. This sweatshirt markup is $18.00 in the image below, the seller has their base set at $49 but it retails and sells for $67.00. The referrer makes $9,00 per item sold.

More than Merch, The Funded Project Funding Platform is the major sponsor for the buildout of the $1,000,000.00 platform, so all users can make money by sharing their links. Every user gets a custom landing page. You choose how to set it up!

100% Free, You Cannot Lose, Get Yours, Claim Your City

It is free to use for you to grow and monetize; it is a win for us, too, because we have a link on every page for any business that needs funding; no matter the platform you choose, you get paid when someone takes advantage of an offer.

Landing Pages

There are four types of landing pages, and depending on your needs and goals, it will make a difference of which one you can get or should get,

Click to Expand

Choose a Platform Setup That Works For You

Social Landing is the page of choice for people with a page or group on social media that others follow. Content creators starting up, and more. Requires an existing following of at least 250 people on YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok, and they must be organic and real. This framework supports blogging and eCommerce tools.

Small Business Landing is perfect for single-person operations that want to grow; the powerful free tools put your business on an even tech suite to compete and win. No Followers Required- Must be a business that is located in the United States; startup and Sole Props Welcome. Service Industries and Not-For-Profits Will use this framework often. This framework does not support eCommerce. This framework does support larger photo galleries and blogging capabilities.

Brand Ambassador- Writers and Debaters, here is your chance to speak your mind on a platform that you can share the link to with anyone, gain subscribers and integrate unlimited marketplace items, and get paid for writing

You can pioneer your city.

Find local businesses or influencers to add to your community, and use our step-by-step Metromedia Bootcamp training free of charge that shows you step by step to find people to network with. Once an admin is identified and verified in a market, that admin controls that market forever, or until they want to surrender it, that is why it is important to get in now. Across the United States, Markets will be identified and developed, but no city or town can have more than one local Metroplex; your local metroplex can promote and sell outside of its area and still be on locals but would be identified as a national user as well. Admins must also meet a 20-user verified user enrollment and meet minimums for social media following.

Our users drive our growth model. Admins are being added for new markets and make 5% of their market revenue for the Metroplex Local in their market.

You must have onboarded at least 20 Metroplex, Local Users; these are other small businesses in your community.AND Your following on Facebook must be over 5,000 followers (or Instagram) OR your TicToc following must be over 1,000 followers.

Rules are few but strict to protect everyone;

-All users must be based in the United States, with no overseas stores or overseas users. Locals require local users; international users cannot use the national build either..
-All users must prove identity - this stops scams and catfishing accounts; no ID, no platform, one page per user, you can change it up, but you cannot have two. This rule applies to all users,
-Group admins on Facebook must add a corporate admin from Metromedia to the group; the group admin is there to help you identify opportunities for your group and will moderate for you in the way you want by your rules to engage your group to interact; pages are added as a moderator through META suite. Our professional developers help you find centralized users to your current content to help you grow. Local admins use the Metroplex National to collaborate on community events to drive traffic to your community.
-No nudity, we want you to sell and express yourself, we just require that you keep your clothes on while doing it.
-No weapons, cannabis, or illegal products, We find it, we ban it, and boot offenders off the platform.

Learn how you can set up a free account- risk-free, no money needed, no credit card needed by filling out the form below,

Compare Apples To Oranges, Or is it?

Inflation has caused people to look for money in places they usually wouldn't, with the stiffer requirements to get bank loans these days. It is no secret that any business can find itself in a situation where they need cash to cover immediate needs like payroll or inventory. Over the past Fourteen years, the merchant cash advance tool has been the saving grace for thousands of companies across the country. The quick infusion of cash can happen for businesses in many cases on the same day, but not every business can handle the payback terms that a merchant cash advance demands, with more funders switching to a daily draw or weekly draw setting on shorter terms versus the traditional monthly or percentage of credit card sales leaving business owners in a tailspin over cashflow. The much-older industry of title loans is based on the equity or value of an automobile, commercial equipment, or semi-truck, which allows more palatable repayment options, but they are not available everywhere. Title loans and merchant cash advances cost for money in many cases are equivalent, but the terms are not.

Is this even a thing? It depends on the state you are in.

In 2022, Illinois joined Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusettes, New Hampshire, New York, North and South Dakota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Washington D.C., and Wyoming in the list of states that you cannot even look at a title loan in. The other states have the option available.

In some states, merchant cash advances are quickly fading away. States like California and Virginia have implemented laws that make it tougher for businesses to access the quick cash, hindering business owners. If you are lucky enough to operate in a state that does not restrict your access, then you can compare the options.

How do you compare?

The first thing is to identify what you need in funding and what you are going to use it for. If you are going to flip the cash into a profit quickly, then using a short-term financing option like merchant cash advances makes sense as long as you can see the return on investment faster than the payoff date matures. Title loans are only as powerful as the equity in the vehicle used to secure them.

What about trucking companies?

As of 11/9/2022, there are 17 eligible states for trucking company title loan options, and it is expected to grow in 2023.

Key Notes

There are positives and negatives to these programs; The Funded Project has over 300 options outside of the two we are comparing in this investigation. When looking at title loans, your home state where the vehicle is titled is how eligibility is determined, in the merchant cash advance world, eligibility is based on the state you run your business from and register in.

How to know what way you should go?

No two cases are alike. If you are still confused, you should speak with an expert that can help you navigate the options. Title loans can be obtained in over thirty states, and the terms can free up cash flow. The vehicle(s) do not need to be in the business name to do it either. If you owe money on your vehicle, we could still review your case as long as you net cash at closing; in many cases, the title loan can take out the current note. If you are in this situation, there are refinance options we may be able to set up for you as well. The best thing to do is to use the contact us button below and explore your options.


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