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So, why would he set me up for failure? Well, I hate to say this so plainly but  there are two things at play in this funding scenario. For one he probably couldn't help with your real problem in the first place, so he slammed you into a high rate short term MCA that would and first seem to help, then however it shortens your cash flow and strangles your business, and the worst part is they never explained the true use of and unsecured cash advance which would be called the 5 to 1 rule. The other factor at play here would be the broker you were working with more than likely did it for short term personal gain. 

I feel like a wash and repeat cycle these guys put merchant through just to make a quick buck. that is not called Business Development, that is called selling money for a large profit period. Now is profit a bad word? ABSOLUTELY NOT. We strongly believe in profit. It at its core on of the top reasons you should be in business wouldn't you agree? There are right and wrong ways, and frankly it really frustrates me when I see a merchant treated like this!  My grandfather, father and I are all small business owners. So yeah I take what I do seriously. 

So when your ready to for true, trust worthy help in the business funding space Fill Out The Form below and Schedule a Call with me by Hitting the Button below. I don't take advantage of anyone and as a Christian, my number one goal is to help you double your revenue. Whether you are struggling and need cash before you have to consider the painful though of going out of business..... or if you are growing and need to accommodate the cash flow needs of your business. Either way we understand the bank has told you they could help and that is probably why you are in the little pond with all these sharks. 

I wont risk your business, and I wont risk your families future... Why? 

It is simple, it is the more profitable business model. Just think about. Like I said earlier profit is not a bad word and It pays hands over fist time and again to actually help a business owner with their true problem and watch them yes 93% of the time double their revenue. It pays to HELP others and TREAT THEM THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED! 

When your ready..... Fill out the form and schedule a time for us to talk about the future of your business. It really is exciting isn't it?



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Smiling Girl

I am so glad I met Rick at Metro Media he got me on the right path right from the start. I could be happier! And yes we officially double our revenue last month. You guys rock!

-Maya L. Indianapolis, IN 

Metromedia Funding Solutions

55 Monument Circle 

Indianapolis, IN 46204

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