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We are dedicated to helping you so much that we will pay you $20.00 to fill out this form out. We will NOT sell your information, we need to know about you so we can help you into the best possible solution for your business. No commitment, you do not have to buy anything or fund through us, we are here to help.
Intake -Start Here.

We are a business development company, everything we do is to help you get to your goals faster, cheaper, and better. Everyone on the Metromedia team has either, owned a business or still does. Many are partners in a multitude of businesses. 

A free service to you, 23 years in the making. We have - Everything 

This does not mean we guarantee that you will get the dream results you hear everyone bragging about, it means if you take on a service or take on funding from a resource we provide or a product we sell, we stand behind it, if you are funding through Metromedia Funding Solutions, regardless if you came to us from a broker, a referring partner, found us on TV, the provider has been vetted to follow the same vision. We fight for you to get the best possible deal, we do not stop, we do not give up on you, when we say (your name) we found it, you can rest assured we are only showing you the best solution we found for you.   

We will fight for you, we just want to know whom we are fighting for. 

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