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Motivating Your Staff To Push Harder

We have all been there, we hire someone and get excited about the future. Someone came along and they want to work for your business! All seems... well... no

Over the past two and a half decades owning my own businesses there has always been one common denominator, I needed help. Watching the market swing back and forth over the years there have been times I had the pick of the best applicants available to where I might as well stood on the side of the road flagging them down. I have been fortunate to build a staff that is the best of the best, but the journey traveled to get here has been turbulent at times. Are they really that lazy these days? The answer is no, let me explain.

When you bring someone new into your business, there is always going to be an adjustment period of what your expectations are and what they perceive them to be. One of the best tips I can give you when they start that I learned the hard way over the years is to sit down and write out your expectations with them, discussing each in detail. Encourage them to ask questions, and remember how someone learns may be different from the way you learn.

Another tip I think is important to remember is if you want them to "work like they want to be there" or "dedicated" it helps when they know how you got to where you are at today. What you will discover is that your story may motivate them, it may help them in other areas in life, but in almost all cases it will motivate them to protect your dream because they will feel like they are a part of it (and they ARE a part of it)

Another thing you can do when building the perfect team is to try to hire like-minded people. Remember, you have to work with this person so there is nothing wrong with seeking someone you can get along with and the rest of your staff can get along with. I never recommend hiring friends or family because the friendship can get compromised if there is disagreement. One other thing I think is vital for your business is not to get romantically involved with someone who works for you, in most cases it does not fare well for the business. Granted, there are always those romantic connection stories we hear about on social media but usually, the idea should remain reserved for the movies.


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