Sale Leasebacks Can Stop You From Losing Your Home

Updated: Sep 10

It is an ugly subject, but it is on the minds of thousands of property owners across the country. Property owners in this situation have an option. We see this all the time, things in life are running fine, and someone gets sick, something happens to the job, and life happened to you. No one intentionally wants to be in that situation. A sale-leaseback is an option. If you bought your home or property before the pandemic, chances are likely that you have unrealized equity. Your bank knows this, and so does that lender. A sale-leaseback is when someone comes forward, buys the house, rents it to you, and has it set for you to buy it back when you get back on your feet. The buyback is pre-determined, so you know what you are getting into. It beats losing your home or property to default. In many situations, not only can the sale-leaseback stop the foreclosure dead in its tracks, but the property owner- namingly you- net cash at closing.

Keep your property and your future, net cash at closing, and use the funds to get back on your feet. Is it time to venture into a new career? Want to put cash into your business? Want to pay off the bills and have a fresh slate? You deserve another chance at this...

You really do.

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