We Tried Cashyew Leads - Review of Lead Providers

It has been an ongoing thing, where do ISO's find solid lead providers? Over the course of several weeks, we will be reviewing each one we have come across. We will buy a fresh batch, use the same texting campaign and email campaign that we have always used because we know it works. When we complete the sample list, we will share the results right here, on The Metro Life. We are doing this without making contact with the company we are buying from at first, but after we take delivery on each batch, we notify the company of our intent to review and give them a chance to reply. This company has not replied to my email.

Cashyew Leads Were Easy To Order From

My first thought, I was impressed with how easy the selection and checkout process is. The site is painfully slow to load but still functional as advertised. I purchased the MCA submissions data from 2/4/2022 on 2/8/2022 in the later afternoon and worked these leads on 2/8/2022 and 2/9/2022 We bought 125 records, which is not a massive amount, but a good amount to run a proper test. the records were $1.00 each.

Here is how we worked them:

Each lead is contacted VIA text message first, and the way I do it, and have always done it is I text is this (merchant's first name only) I never say anything more than that. Over 40% of the time traditionally, we get a text back asking " who is this" I simply text back my name, tell them I was informed they were looking for funding, and explain that we would like a shot at earning their business. We send these out manually

How I open

Each merchant gets the same text personalized to them

Pros and Cons

Although for the most part, the data was accurate, virtually every reply was " I did not fill out anything" Many were explaining they were contacted multitudes of shops, and many had not been in the market for funding, and if they were we heard they were seeking a year ago. Out of 125 contacts, you would expect someone to remember their inquiry from a few days ago, or at least to mention they were taken care of by another ISO in the last few days, none of which happened. Several mentioned they were out of business, and a few even said they had not owned a business in their lifetime. We placed each email address into our email campaign system, and only 52% of the email addresses were deliverable. One big positive was 98% of the phone numbers worked and went to the parties that were listed.

Rick's take

You have to understand your results will be different than my results, but overall, I know how to open and close deals, My overall evaluation is the data they are selling is accurate, but suspected to be older than a year, and not a good match to solicit for merchant cash advances. I ordered 125 MCA submissions as seen in the photo above, but not a single person on this list is a real MCA lead. We do not cold-call on the phone, we find that texting and emailing is substantially more efficient, I do not do business with companies that cold call me, I would not expect any merchant to do business with someone that cold calls them, and our system is effective on all organic campaigns and has worked for years, If this company would like to deliver the 125 MCA submissions from 2/4/2022 that we ordered again, maybe there was a mistake of the list we received, we would run them and leave a revised review. until then, this is my personal experience and I would not recommend ordering leads from here.

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