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Can we just say this, it means a lot that you stopped by this page in the first place, so before you go any further, we have to say thank you.

Stats, and use of funds.

It is no secret, running this channel is expensive, and it is not done for a personal profit. I can handle taking care of the merchants, taking care of content, editing, and everything, but let's face it. The making of the episodes does not make me money, however, it is needed, it provides motivation and confidence in business owners everywhere. These funds are the funds used to produce an episode, there is a lot that goes into these, I have self-funded the first 27 episodes on my own, but I know we can do more, better, further, and we really want to. Merchandise sales are used to help the businesses you see on the show, but this is how we keep things such as equipment, vehicles, time spent editing, taping, fuel, etc. I need some help to get the vision of helping small businesses across the country out there to the people who need it the most. Stats are from 4/26/2021- 7/26/2021. 

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20% of videos that showed in the viewer's recommendations from YouTube  were clicked, when is the last time you saw a click-through rate like that? 

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80% of all views were conducted by working-age male business owners. 


And we are trending and growing!

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It takes a week or so for an episode to gain more views, as most find the channel by the fans sharing it on social media. 


Here are a few more facts, and things I would want you to know:

This is not a 501C deduction, this would be you issuing us an IRS-1099 for this at the end of the year, we will continue to grow this show, and it is helping a lot of people. There is no guarantee that this will bring you a bunch of traffic, but the beautiful part about YouTube and sponsoring content like this is you never know when that perfect customer for you is going to watch the video. They never come down, with this channel, and any out there, creators leave old content up as they add new content because it helps us bring more watch hours on YouTube. We are monetized on YouTube but like merchandise sales, we use it to help the business we are featuring on the episode. You will notice that I geared the buttons here to call me or email me because I think something like this is not something you should do from the contact forms, is you are going to sponsor my channel, I would like to talk to you about it, even if it is only a five-minute conversation.  Thank You, Richard Moghadam.


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